東羅Dong Luo [AKR01]



  1. A.P.R.A.-HighwayDub 0:57
  2. BENN-Oioi 1:06
  3. Lemonfacer-Leachate 1:05
  4. SoniaCalico-100Years 1:02
  5. Tek-TripinStillness 0:57
  6. ViceCity-Ebb_Flow 0:59

wav format, 48k sample rate, 24bit




東羅 Dong Luo

星羅棋布 、包羅萬象,漢字「羅」有著陳列、囊括的意思,這是一張來自東邊的合輯,來自世界地圖的東方,也來自台灣的東岸。《東羅》再現了某種能量交集的狀態,那是被珍視的、在他方某一刻被經驗的獨特真實。

合輯收錄的歌曲,來自長達一年的 Live Session 創作計畫,以詮釋台灣的自然地景為主題,由每一首歌的創作者,進入各個自然秘境中採集聲音、蒐羅素材與靈感創作而成,這是我們回到自然中,所能從自然帶走的恩賜。》

Dōng () – east

Lóu (羅) – to exhibit, to display, all-inclusive

In Chinese analogies “xīng luó qí bù” (scattered things like stars in the sky) and “bāo luó wàn xiàng” (all-embracing), the character “Luo” means “to exhibit” and “all-inclusiveness”. This compilation is about the eastern world, and the east coast of Taiwan, so we called it “Dong Luo.”

The songs included in this compilation are from the year-long ANKR Live Sessions creative project, with the theme of musically interpreting the natural landscapes of Taiwan. Through the process of collecting sound materials and inspiration, each artist attempted to capture these locations’ special attributes. In this way, Dongluo reproduces an intersection of energies, creating a unique reality which can be cherished and experienced elsewhere. This is the gift we can receive from nature when we take the time to delve into it.


  1. Lemonfacer – Leachate
  2. Vice City – Ebb & Flow
  3. Tek – Trip in Stillness
  4. Sonia Calico – 100 Years
  5. B E N N – Oioi
  6. A.P.R.A – Highway Dub

Catalog Number: AKR01
Credite: Mastered by B E N N Album Art by SUU

Instrument Sound Samples by 葛都桑音樂工作室