Re:是混合的 05:11 (六小時前)


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  1. Vice City - The foggy road brings me home 試聽 1:00
  2. LYD -掇山塵相 試聽 1:00
  3. Wayland-說話的蛹 試聽 1:01
  4. Decagram-筱涵的數拍 試聽 1:00
  5. Tzu Ni-異想天開的禱文 試聽 1:01
  6. Z-A rough heart 試聽 1:00
  7. 杜蟲 - She blooms in the hidden valley 試聽 1:00
  8. Scott Noise - 邊緣逃亡 mixing by Eikinn 試聽 1:06
  9. Yen-Bardo alchemy 試聽 1:01
  10. B E N N-In peace 試聽 1:01
  11. 戴向諶-Between spaces 試聽 1:00
  12. 李慈湄 - 清明 試聽 1:01
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《Re: Mixed 05:11 Before 6 Hours》is Jan En’s first anthology of images and words, accompanied by an album collecting 12 electronic musicians’ works.

Jan began recording her daily life in audio form since 2009. These records are deeply echoed with and interrelated to the stories in the book.

For presenting these connections, Jan chose dozens of record, classfied them in line with her stories, and invited 12 musicians to mix them into 12 copositions with flesh and bones of the stories, which are about chaos, primal, demise, mankind and cleansing.

translated by Lu Djin





Re:是混合的 05:11(六小時前)

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