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伊甸接駁巴士 Eden Shuttle Bus

  • 台北Taipei 800NTD
    接駁點 Pick up Area : 台北車站東三門外巴士臨停處 Taipei Station East 3rd Exit Bus Stop Area
    搭乘日期 : 3/17 [13:00] , 3/18 [09:00]
    回程日期 : 3/19 [18:15]
  • 新竹 Hsin Chu 700NTD
    接駁點 Pick up Area 東區光復路(過溝) East Dist. Gung Fu Rd. Bus Stop
    搭乘日期 : 3/17 [14:00] , 3/18 [10:00]
    回程日期 : 3/19 [18:15]
  • [完售]
    台中 Taichung 400NTD

    接駁點 Pick up Area : Tiger保齡球館 Tiger Bowling Ball Center
    搭乘日期 : 3/17 [15:00] , 3/18 [10:00]
    回程日期 : 3/19 [18:15]
  • [完售]
    台南 Tainan 700NTD

    接駁點 Pick up Area 永康台灣中油大灣站 CPC Gas Station
    搭乘日期 : 3/17 [13:50] , 3/18 [ 09:50]
    回程日期 : 3/19 [18:15]
  • [完售]
    高雄 Kao Hsiung 800NTD
    接駁點 Pick up Area 高雄高鐵站一號出口公車臨停處 HSR Station Exit 1 Bus Stop
    搭乘日期: 3/17 [13:00] , 3/18 [09:00]
    回程日期: 3/19 [18:15]




  1. 門票僅為入場資格使用,不含營位。
  2. 本活動開放攜帶外食與飲用水,酒精類或其他飲料嚴禁攜帶入場,如查獲違禁品以沒收處理且不退還,活動期間會場均有多樣化餐飲服務。
  3. 請妥善保管票卷,如票卷遺失、破損導致無法辨識,一律不予補發。
  4. 伊甸高原為推廣環境保護與垃圾減量,我們期許在未來能成為最環保乾淨的戶外音樂節品牌,為身為地球公民盡一分心力,活動期間均不提供一次性餐具,請自行攜帶杯子與餐具。
  5. 入場時間 : 2023年3月17日12:00,離場時間 : 3月19日18:00。
  6. 嚴禁攜帶危險物品或具攻擊性武器進場 ,如 : 刀子、剪刀、煙火、球棒等。如查獲違禁品均以沒收處理。
  7. 請來賓互相自重,如有神智不清,或打架鬧事等違法情事,主辦單位有權請求強制離場,情節嚴重一律報警處理。
  8. 本活動將主動配合中央疫情指揮中心相關滾動式防疫政策。
  9. 伊甸高原音樂節就本活動消費內容,保有解釋、變更與之權利。
  10. 本活動因不可抗力或特殊原因無法執行時,主辦單位有權決定取消、終止、修改或暫停。參加活動者,視同承認本規定之效力,如有未盡事宜,主辦單位保留修改、終止、變更活動內容細節之權利。
  11. 本活動為健康音樂休閒活動,我們採毒品零容忍政策並與當地執法機關合作,請勿攜帶任何違法物品入場,如經查獲一律移送法辦並保留商譽受損賠償之請求,請確保活動中行為均合乎中華民國法律規範。


  1. Tickets are required for entry to the festival, not including camping space.
  2. Food & drinking water are allow to bring into the venue. Alcohol & beverages are strictly prohibited. All items that againest the rules will be confiscated and not returned. There will be bars & food vendors that provide a variety of food and drinks during the event.
  3. Please keep your tickets intact and recognizable. We will not re-issue tickets in case of lost or broken tickets.
  4. We aim to be an environmentally friendly event. Please prepare your own tableware and cup. We do not offer disposable tableware or cups during the event.
  5. Gate opens for entry at 12:00PM March 17th. Event ends at 18:00 June 19th. Please leave the venue within 1 hour after the end of the event.
  6. Weapons and dangerous objects are strictly prohibited, such as knives, scissors, fireworks, baseball bats, etc.
  7. We ask all of our guests to respect one another. If there are any fights, drug abuse, or any other illegal activity, we have the right to request violators to leave the event.
  8. The event will be held as scheduled and will not be canceled or postponed unless the circumstances might endanger guests safety, such as a typhoon warning.
  9. Eden Hill Festival is applying safe measures to prevent any potential health risk, all guests need to provide rapid negative tests provement to be able to enter the festival. The measures include but not limited to: wearing masks, social distancing, body temperature check, and hand sanitizers. Anyone who registers at a temperature higher than 37.5 degree Celsius will not be allowed to enter the event. Real name identification will be processed. (IDs are required).
  10. If this event is unable to continue or proceed under inevitable forces, Eden Hill retains the right to cancel, end, change, pause or postpone the event. Attendees will be considered as aware and agreed with the previous terms. Eden Hill retains the right to change, or end any content of the event for reasonable reasons.
  11. Please beware of your behavior, avoid making any unlawful action during the event. Any of the unlawful action will be reported to local police when it’s found.

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