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Luca Mortellaro,出生於義大利,長期以藝名 Lucy 出沒在柏林的音樂世界,Luca Mortellaro 是 Techno 音樂圈中最令人興奮和雄心勃勃的 DJ / 製作人之一。 自 2009 年以來,Mortellaro 一直通過自己的音樂廠牌- Stroboscopic Artefacts 建立他深受崇拜的 Techno 作品。 Lucy(née Luca Mortellaro)是他那個時代最傑出的音樂冒險家之一。Lucy 不受電子音樂家、製作人或 DJ 必須具備的傳統侷限,通過深入調和個人與人群深沉的感受,加上絕妙的音樂技法,他成為自成一派的音樂家!因為他有能力取悅觀眾,同時也帶領他​​們愛上尚不熟悉的元素,他是推動人們走出他們音樂舒適區的音樂領袖。 無論他是擔任製作人、DJ、表演者還是 Stroboscopic Artefacts 的策展人,Lucy 對音樂創新的明確熱情不斷吸引新的聽眾,並不斷為他目前的支持者持續熱愛他的理由!

Lucy is the nom de techno of Italian-born and Berlin-based Luca Mortellaro, one of the genre’s most exciting and ambitious DJ/producers. Since 2009, Mortellaro has focused his work through his own Stroboscopic Artefacts label, building an imprint and personal discography that has established itself as one of techno’s finest. Lucy (née Luca Mortellaro) is one of the pre-eminent sonic adventurers of his time. Not bound to conventional pre-conceptions of what an electronic musician, producer, or DJ must be, Lucy has evolved his distinct sound signature by reconciling the deeply personal with the esoteric, and by harmonizing the spheres of technology and biology. In doing so, he has become rare as an artist, in his ability to please an audience while also introducing them to elements they were not yet familiar with and thereby pushing them out of their comfort zone. Whether he is acting in the role of producer, DJ, performer, or Stroboscopic Artefacts’ curator, Lucy’s clear passion for creative evolution and mutation is something that continues to attract new listeners, and keeps giving his current supporters new reasons to continue tuning in.

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